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– Pre-rinse the vehicle with a pressure washer
– Use the foam cannon to foam the vehicle
– Hand wash the vehicle
– Begin the decontamination process
– Spray an iron remover to remove old wax from the paint
– Clay the entire vehicle to remove any remaining contaminants left on the paint
– Polish the paint to make it as perfect as possible before applying the coating
– Remove any residue from the paint by using an IPA wipe
– Apply the ceramic coating

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What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that is placed to the exterior of a car to protect it against external paint damage. It’s applied by hand and mixes in with your car’s paint, adding an extra layer of hydrophobic protection. The factory paint job on the car is unaffected by this chemical bonding and formation of a new layer. While many vehicle enthusiasts believe ceramic coating is a substitute for clear bra (paint protection film), it is actually a substitute for waxing. The major goal is to keep dirt, water spots, filth, and stain marks off the paint job, which would harm the clear coat.