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Welcome to IGO MOBILE DETAILING, where excellence meets protection! Our Ceramic Coating service is a meticulous process designed to elevate your car's defense against external paint damage.

Why Choose Ceramic Coating?

1. Advanced Protection: Our ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that forms an additional layer of hydrophobic protection. This extra shield keeps dirt, water spots, filth, and stain marks off your car’s paint, preserving its pristine look.

2. Handcrafted Perfection: Our process involves a thorough pre-rinse, foam application, hand wash, decontamination, iron removal, clay treatment, and meticulous polishing. We want your car to be in the best possible condition before applying the ceramic coating.

3. Unmatched Durability: Unlike waxing, ceramic coating goes beyond the surface. It’s a long-lasting solution that doesn’t just sit on your car’s paint but forms a lasting chemical bond. Your factory paint job remains untouched, and the new layer enhances its resilience.

How Does It Work?

  1. Preparation: We start with a comprehensive cleaning, ensuring your vehicle is free from contaminants.
  2. Application: Our skilled technicians apply the ceramic coating by hand, ensuring precision and thorough coverage.
  3. Protection: The coating forms a chemical bond with the paint, creating a hydrophobic layer that repels dirt, water spots, and more.
– Pre-rinse the vehicle with a pressure washer

– Use the foam cannon to foam the vehicle
– Hand wash the vehicle
– Begin the decontamination process
– Spray an iron remover to remove old wax from the paint
– Clay the entire vehicle to remove any remaining contaminants left on the paint
– Polish the paint to make it as perfect as possible before applying the coating
– Remove any residue from the paint by using an IPA wipe
– Apply the ceramic coating

Ready for the Ultimate Protection?

Experience the IGO MOBILE DETAILING difference! Call us at (623) 323-8023 to start a quote and treat your car to the unparalleled protection of Ceramic Coating. Elevate your car care today!